Where are you in London if you are close to...?


In this game we are going to guess in which part os London are we accordins to the street or monument we are close to. We will use the street view to help us.

1. You are at Parker Street... if you turn right and continue straight on until A40, then turn right until Bloomsbury St and finally turn right... where are you now?

2. Now you are at Piccadilly, if you take Sackville St, first street right, then first street left and go straight on six streets... What underground stop can you find?

3. If you are at Victoria Underground... when you go out, what three important monuments can you visit there?

4. Which is the underground stop next to London Eye?

5. Which is the underground stop next to London Eye?

6. You are at Egdware Road U-Stop, you turn right and go straight on... which important museum can you visit there?

7. You want to go from Hyde Park to Notting Hill, which road do you have to take?

8. How many bridges cross the River Thames?

9. You are at The British Library... you turn right and then the first street left, and o the third street turn left... which station can you find?

10. If you are at University College London you can take both Warren Street and Euston Square Undergrounds.

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