Study the changes that occur in humans throughout their life. Also, the reproductive system, conception, pregnancy...

1. We have three types of sexual characteristics

2. What are primary sexual characteristics?

3. When does secundary sexual characteristcs occur?

4. What do secondary sexual characteristics appear during puberty both girls and boys?

5. During adolescence the girl´s voice become deeper

6. During puberty boys develop Adam´s Apple?

7. During adolescence boys have hips widen

8. During adolescence girls develop breasts and hips are widen

9. What are ferlilization?

10. The seminal vesicles are behind the bladder

11. Vas deferens are 3 tiny tubes that collect sperm

12. Indicate the trimestre when the mother begins to feel the baby moving.

13. Indicate the trimester when the baby is ready to live outside the mother’s womb.

14. Indicate the trimester when baby’s brain begins to develop and the heart beats.

15. When does the baby can suck their fingers

16. The arms and legs are small buds.

17. The organs are formed and begin to work.

18. Trimester baby can hear

19. Trimester when It weighs 2.5 to 3 kilos.

20. Fertilization can only occur when a male and female gamete meet

21. The female gamete is called ovary

22. Fertilization takes place in ovary

23. The sperm and the egg meet in the Fallopian tube

24. Complete. - Eggs mature in ...........

25. Where does implantation take place?

26. Part of sperm cell that allows the sperm to move.

27. Male reproductive cell.

28. The tube where the egg is fertilised

29. This is the process where a sperm and an egg meet.

30. This is formed when a zygote starts to divided

31. At birth, there are millions of eggs in ovaries and millions of sperm cells in testicles

32. Reproductive cells are also called gametes

33. The testicles produce the sperm which is passed directly to the urethra

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