Adivina lo que es

1. It's an animal. It's green. It's long. It's dangerous. It's in the zoo.

2. It's a food. It's orange. We can make juice with it.

3. It's a toy. It's big. It's got windows and doors. We live in it.

4. It's a colour. The lemon has got this colour.

5. It's an animal. It's in the house. It likes balls.

6. It's in the town. It's got flowers and trees.

7. It's in the town. We buy apples, bananas, meatballs and beans in it.

8. It's a member of the family. It's a girl. She is very old.

9. It's an animal. It's grey. It's in the farm. It's similar to a horse.

10. It's an animal. It's big. It's black and white. It's got milk.

11. It's a food. It's brown. It's long. It's in the hot dog.

12. We play there.

13. We play football with this toy.

14. It's a toy. It's got a mouse. It's got a key board. The teacher has got one.

15. It's an animal. It's very big. It's grey. It's got big ears.

16. It's a classroom object. You put the books, the pencil case and the pencil on it. It's got a chair under it.

17. It's a colour. Apples an meat are this colour.

18. It's a member of the family. It's a boy. He plays with you. He has got a dad and a mum. He is young.

19. It's an animal. It's similar to a bird. It's black, white and green. It likes water. It flies.

20. It's a toy. It's grey. It's similar to a person. It's got arms and legs.

21. It's in the town. It's blue or green. It's big. It's got big wheels. It stops in the bus stop.

22. It's a fruit. It's long. It's yellow.

23. It's an animal. It's in the zoo. It's big. It's got long hair. It's got a big brown body. It likes meat. It's dangerous.

24. It's a classroom object. It's in your pencil case. It's of many colours. You can only use it in Arts class. Teachers use it on the board.

25. They are food. They are small balls. They are meat. They are red.

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